2020 Holiday Special

What's big, and red, and loves to bring Holiday cheer to everyone this time of year?

Fire truck decorated with Christmas lights

Give the reindeer a break and have Santa deliver your holiday wishes and lights to your loved ones in a new style this year!

Our Christmas/Holiday package includes:

If you have a special request, let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen!

The Partygram

The perfect way to deliver exciting news, or simply wish someone “Happy Birthday!” With flashing lights and fun music, we’ll deliver your news or greetings in a thrilling burst of festivity and joy, sure to shake up any family or neighbourhood!

Happy Birthday!

We’ll pull up to a selected address at the appointed time, in our real, full-size fire truck, playing music of your choice. Our fully adorned party team will pose or dance around to the music then deliver your message, by either presenting the occupants with a card you’ve written, announcing the news from our PA system, or unrolling a large banner with your message.

Banner says "You're Going to be Grandparents!" Delivering some awesome news!

Happy elderly couple getting the great news Receiving some awesome news!

Short and sweet, this service lasts approximately 10 minutes (longer times can be arranged). You may choose music or siren noises (played at lower volume) as the accompanying sounds. After unveiling the news or greeting, spectators are free to take pictures or videos with us, the truck and banner.


Perfect for:

Starting from $99.00

Drive-By Parties

Are you planning a larger drive-by party? Adding a fire truck to the mix is great way to make it bigger, and our cool tunes will make it closer to a real party.

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