Whether it’s rescuing a puppy from a burning building, or helping you open your car door when it’s stuck, firefighters are the city’s heroes. To be successful at what they do, firefighters need to work together as a tight-knit team, and your team is no different.

We provide a number of activities that are designed to help your team bond, and to improve how you work together. They are inspired either by real firefighter training, what firefighters need to do in the field, or by the International Firefighter Games.

  • How do you solve a problem when not everyone has all the information? You need to communicate! After splitting into small teams, one person will be the incident commander (IC), and the rest will enter our “burning building” and, using nothing but a radio, communicate with the IC to describe the conditions, and complete a series of challenges.
  • Sometimes you encounter situations that in principle are simple, but contain obstacles that you need to overcome. That’s where your team’s ability to work together and problem solving skills come in. How do you handle dangerous substances, without spilling or suffering any contamination?
  • The best teams have a variety of skill sets, and knowing who can do what is vital towards achieving your goal. You’ll need to put your skills together for a relay race, donning bunker gear, getting hose to where it’s needed, and more.
  • A bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone, and can even help a team bond. Try our variant of tug-of-war, where instead of a rope we have a suspended barrel, and instead of pulling, you spray it with water. You score points by getting it past the other side’s goal line.
  • Getting things where they need to be, quickly an accurately requires practice. Hose bowling is a perfect chance to get some in.

You provide the location, we bring everything else.