Wedding Packages


Wedding Essentials

Romantic dancing

The essentials of what you need a DJ for at your wedding. Great sound, joyous music for the wedding ceremony, microphones for your guests to hear you, plus a fabulous playlist and dance lighting for your reception, all in one package price.

Starting at $1000 – includes your wedding ceremony (up to two hours), and four hours at your reception, plus cocktail hour.

Music Everywhere

You’re running a Stag & Doe to have fun and raise money to fund your wedding, but all successful fundraisers need the positive atmosphere only great music can provide. This package includes everything from “Wedding Essentials”, plus getting your guests rocking at your Stag & Doe!

Starting at $1300 – includes your wedding ceremony (up to two hours), four hours at your stag & doe, and four hours plus cocktail hour at your reception.

The Complete Wedding Package

When you need even more reasons to party, we’ve got your back! This package includes all of our wedding services plus our full service Stag and Doe Social event. Completely personalized music, plus our collection of unique games, many featuring real firefighting equipment plus that will get your guests’ wallets open and keep them cheering each other on, forgetting quite how much money they’ve given towards your nuptials. Then let your guests pose and take pictures in real firefighter gear, to create your own FLAMETHROWER Calendar.

Starting at $1500 – includes your wedding ceremony (up to 2 hours), four hours at your reception plus cocktail hour, and four hours of music, games, and photo booth at your Stag & Doe.

Stag & Doe Socials

Already have a DJ for your wedding itself, but still need something for your Stag & Doe? Party Rescue is here to rescue your party! Music to keep everyone dancing, and games to get the coins flowing so you can pretend to be Scrooge McDuck and swim in a (kiddy) pool full of cash.*

Collage of Flamethrower Calendar pages

And never forget these precious memories, by getting your guests to pose for pictures wearing real firefighter gear and a variety of costume pieces, to create your own sexy/funny/family appropriate FLAMETHROWER Calendar. Use our handy template and print or PDF the calendars for a great and memorable creation you can give out as a wedding thank you gift.

* Party Rescue makes no guarantees that there will be enough coins to fill a pool of any size.

Starting at $650 – includes four hours of music, and games rental, and FLAMETHROWER calendar photo booth at your Stag & Doe.

Individual Services

Wedding Ceremony Music & Audio

Front of the aisle

It’s important your big day has the right mood, and crucial the audience can hear you when you say, “I Do”.

Party Rescue will make this happen with:

Starting at $250 – includes audio equipment and music for your ceremony, up to two hours.

Wedding Reception Music & DJ

Speeches, cake cutting, dances, revelry—your reception will be fun, and here’s how DJ Jenn will keep it running smoothly:

The equipment we bring to keep things rockin’:

Starting at $800 – includes four hours of music, DJing, and audio equipment, plus cocktail hour.

Stag & Doe Music

Party on the dance floor

You have the games, but you need the tunes. Select from themed playlists, tailored to fit your tastes; we’ll work with you to make your party as fun and effective as possible. Includes the following equipment:

Starting at $350 – includes four hours of music and equipment.

Stag & Doe Music & Games

Stag & Doe

There’s a lot of options for games out there, but you don’t have time to find them or make them all. Party Rescue removes the hassle by offering our collection of games for you to use, and tips on how to charge for them.

A sample of what we offer:

We provide the games, but while we will be there to provide assistance, including setup and teardown, it’s up to you to find someone to operate them.

Starting from $550 – Includes four hours of games rental, and music & equipment.

Fire Truck Photography

Did you know that photos of a white dress really pop when they’re in front of a big red truck? Well, now you do!

Have your pictures taken with our fire truck—inside or outside, decorated to your tastes—and your choice of authentic firefighting equipment, including helmets, axes, hoses, and outfits. Don’t forget to try out the lights and siren.

Starting at $250 for up to one hour of photography, or $75 if added on to your ceremony and reception.

Fire Truck Escort

Fire truck escort

Arrive in style with your own personal fire truck escort.

It will make your entrance to the ceremony even more memorable, and make sure everyone knows you’ve arrived at the reception. As an added bonus, if you’re travelling from the ceremony to the reception as a group, a fire truck leading the convoy makes it easy for everyone to follow.

For legal reasons, we cannot run the lights & siren on public roadways (private property is fine), and we are presently unable to provide rides.

Starting at $400 for up to 20km, or $150 if you hire us as your ceremony and reception DJ.


No Tax

Our prices are as-listed, no additional HST!

First Responders

Firefighters, police officers, and paramedics, can receive an additional discount (with proof of service):

Own Equipment

If your venue offers audio equipment to use, or you are providing & setting up your own, we include a discount for the time & effort saved.

Additional Charges

We know extra fees suck, but we’d rather be up-front about them than keep it a surprise until later.

Fuel Surcharge

Our truck is unfortunately not very fuel efficient. While it won’t apply to most events in Kitchener-Waterloo, we sometimes need to add a fuel surcharge.

We will let you know when you book, along with an estimate. The cost will depend on gasoline prices at the time of the event, so is subject to change

Extra Equipment

We will do our best to make everything fit your needs, but if you want any additional equipment—lights, speakers, microphones, etc.—beyond what we have, rental or purchasing costs may be charged.

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