Whether it's a backyard party for your little ones, or the biggest event of the year, we've got you covered

Any setting, any event, in Waterloo Region and beyond!


Make your firefighter dreams a reality, one game at a time


From fundraising Stag & Does to your Ceremony and Reception, we've got your big day covered

Music & DJ Services

DJ JAB presents the world's greatest hits, guaranteed to keep your guests dancing

Team Building

What do firefighters and your team have in common? You need to work together!

Special Events

Block parties, grand openings, and more, a Big Red Truck will make your next event stand out

Photography & Film

Personal or professional, if your project needs firefighters or their truck, don't call 911, call Party Rescue

Heroism, athleticism, and excitement are all things we associate with firefighters, and these traits can be experienced by everyone at your next event. Party Rescue is all about FUN and INTERACTION! Let your party guests get hands-on with our truck, real uniforms, and all sorts of firefighting equipment.

Featuring a true classic, our 1988 Chevrolet pumper-style fire engine is equipped with flashing lights, loud speaker, spotlights, and siren (with adjustable volume, so your neighbours won’t mind!) Multiple hoses, ladders, axes, pikes, and large water suction tubes complete the authentic feel of our truck.

Party Rescue activities are based off of real training practices, and trials performed by professionals at the International Firefighter Games. Where possible we use real firefighter equipment, including bunker gear, water cannon backpacks, hoses, and helmets.

Applicable for many age ranges, we offer several activities for children also based on real practices and the Firefighter Games, but safe and suitable for any of your precious ones, ages 3 and up.

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