Our Party Team will arrive in real a full size fire truck, fully equipped with lights, sirens, ladders and hoses. We will provide a detailed tour of the fire engine, explain its pumping equipment, and the tricks fire departments employ to make best use of their equipment. Then we get hands-on! Interact with the truck. Feel the weight of a hose or a bush-fire water backpack. Try on real firefighter gear, including helmets, coats, pants and boots. Then take pictures of party guests sitting in the driver’s seat of the fire truck. We even include a booster seat to help you get the best view of your small ones. Don’t forget to include our fuzzy Dalmatian, Max, in your pics!

A full range of additional party games and activities, all related to fire fighting, are available and can be geared to fit any age range.


Arrive & Play

For those times you don’t want a fire truck for the entire party, or you just don’t want to wait for us to set up. We will arrive and dive straight into games & activities, focusing on things like:

  • Fire truck tour
  • Save the House! Bean bag throwing game
  • Pylon pick-up-knock-down
  • Bailing Bucket Water Challenge
  • Fire Hose Tug-of-War or Limbo Dance Contest
  • Costumes & Gear
  • And more!

Price: $175 for the first hour, $75 per additional hour, for up to 20 kids

Stay a Little Longer

For parties that run a little longer, we can arrive before everyone shows up, and take the time to set up our more complex (and fun!) activities. In addition to our Arrive & Play games, we also have:

  • Super soaker barrel blast
  • Fire training obstacle course
  • Emergency Response relay race

Price: $300 for the first hour, $85 per additional hour, for up to 20 kids

A Little Bit Older

We know we’re all still kids at heart, and we like to play games. Party Rescue offers a selection of firefighter games for teens and adults, many based off of actual events from the International Fire Fighter Games and using real fire fighter gear.

  • Up and At’em – Race against an opponent to speedily dress in fully authentic firefighting gear.
  • Hose Roll – Like bowling, but with a hose
  • Team Bailing Challenge – Move water from a barrel to your target, how you do it is up to your team. Brawn vs brains? You decide.
  • Toxic Waste Disposal – Your goal: don’t spill anything!

Price: $200 for the first hour, $75 per additional hour, for up to 20 people

Special Events

Company picnics, fundraisers, street parties, or whatever else you’re organizing, we can do it. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it happen.

Price: Contact us with details of your event for pricing

  • What a way to cool down!